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AI Elite

Taking your Game to the Next Level

Our AI Elite program is reserved for athletes 14 and older.  Our goal with this class is to keep you healthy and produce results on the field.  We have several different speed and strength training options available based on your goals, strengths and weaknesses, time of year (in-season / off-season), and other training you take part in.  


New athletes are required to attend an assessment prior to enrolling in our Elite program.  We will use this time to assess each athlete and put them on the best possible program to reach their goals.

Schedule your assessment with button below!



$149 / Month

Athletes can attend any available days

or times, and can change adjust their

schedule at any time with the Wodify app.

3 Sessions Per Week

$139 / Month

Sessions must be scheduled in

advance with the Wodify mobile app.


2 Sessions Per Week

$125 / Month

View current AI Elite training

schedule here:

1 Session Per Week

$95 / Month

Memberships are month to month

and can be adjusted at any time.

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