Acceleration Iowa

Sports Performance Training




Our Rookies class is all about fun!  These classes are programmed for kids 6-9 years old.  We want to have a lot of fun, teach kids to listen, be respectful of coaches and other athletes, and work hard.  Once ready, athletes can join our standard AI class. Rookies class is Thursday's at 3:30pm.

Acceleration Iowa


Our Acceleration Iowa program is for athletes 10-13 years old.  The goal of our AI program is long term athletic development.  This class is programmed to build a strong foundation for future athletic success.  We sprint, jump, hop, skip, change directions, as well as squat, lunge, hinge, push, and pull with as many different variations as possible.  We like to use the term "build a better human first, then build a better athlete."  We are trying to teach and reinforce good movement patterns, and do so in a fun and encouraging environment.  Once ready, athletes from our standard AI class can join the elite class.

AI Elite


Our AI Elite class is for athletes 14 and older.  Previous training experience is recommended but not required.  These classes include speed and strength training.  New athletes are required to attend an on-ramp class prior to beginning their program.